Deep Creek Map

Deep Creek directions and Map

The flat track to the waterfall is about a 2km walk one-way where all of the plants listed here are found. From the waterfall area, there are variations to continue to Oxford Falls on a Fire trail on your LEFT or head up to the ridge on a single track on your RIGHT.

From Narrabeen travel WEST on the Wakehurst Parkway; turn RIGHT at a council sign marked ‘Dog Exercise Area’. This is just before a bridge over Deep Creek. Continue to the end of a tarred track and park. Walk across the field with Deep Creek on your LEFT. Cross a small wooden bridge on your LEFT to cross a small tributary and continue on the single track for about 100m to a large bridge crossing Deep Creek. From the Council information sign at the bottom of the bridge walk about 200m to the next Council sign; take next path to the RIGHT; continue due West; a few metres on you will reach Deep Creek with the cliff backdrop. Continue on alongside creek. You will reach a small sandy clearing with  – Cabbage tree palms; continue on to a set of large rocks on the LEFT. Pass a single path track to the RIGHT (this leads up to Mona Vale Road near the Baha’i Temple); reach rocky area next to a smaller Deep Creek tributary; continue on; path gets to overhang – large & rocky & dripping with water; reach nice large rocky clearing on creek with an approx 4m waterfall. This is the junction where you can head LEFT to reach the Firetrail going to Oxford Falls or go RIGHT up on to the ridge on a single track that heads to Oxford Falls area or down to Deep Creek main.